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How to Make Bīngqílín Hóngchá Bùdīng Bubble Tea at Home

One of my favorite milk tea flavors is the Bīngqílín hóngchá bùdīng bubble tea which I first tasted in Taiwan. It is a combination of red tea, ice cream, and pudding. I tasted it a few years ago at one of the famous milk tea shops in Taiwan but its taste is still on my mind. And when I tasted it, I hurriedly searched for its ingredients and have it added to my favorite bubble tea recipes.

Here is my Ice cream red tea with pudding milk tea recipe that you can try at home. What you need are:

  • Red tea powder
  • Ice cream (better use plain flavor to feel the taste of the tea)
  • Egg pudding powder 
  • Tapioca pearls and coconut jelly (optional)
  • Sweetener syrup (there are bottled syrups that can be bought in the market)
  • Ice for chills

*Please take note that you can use any brand for each ingredient. And be sure to follow the step-by-step instruction provided for each brand. 

Here is how to do it:

  1. Prepare the red tea that you will be using for this recipe, follow the instruction stated at the back of its box or pouch. Because these tea powders have different mechanics for preparations prior to their brands.
  2. Prepare the egg pudding, follow the instruction given at the back of its box or pouch. Preparations for each brand may vary.
  3. In a serving glass, put the pudding that you prepared. Add up to ½ cup of egg pudding to each serving glass.
  4. Put 2 scoops of plain ice cream.
  5. On a shaker, put together the 2 tbsp. of sweeteners syrup, ice, and one cup of the prepared red tea. Shake well. Add more sugar if you want it sweeter. 
  6. Put into the serving glass the shaken red tea and sweaters.
  7.  Put additional ice for chills. 

Here is the easy and simple way to make a Bīngqílín hóngchá bùdīng at home. One of the most popular flavors of milk tea beverage in Taiwan.


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