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7 Health Benefits of Organic Diet

What is an Organic Diet?

An organic diet is a diet composed of food products produced, prepared, and processed without any chemicals on them.  By organic, we mean any form of food where chemical preservatives, pesticides, and fertilizers are omitted and prohibited.  

More and more people today are getting aware of the harm that such chemicals can cause to humans in the long run.  Thus, increasing the popularity of the organic diet since more and more people would like to enjoy its greater health benefits.  

According to a certified dietitian in Perth, It is true that an organic diet is healthier as compared to a conventional diet.  This is the primary reason why the organic diet gained its popularity and the demand for such increased these days. 

7 Health Benefits of an Organic Diet.

1.  Better Overall Health

Because an organic diet is composed of food products that are not processed with chemicals, you can be sure that there is no way that these chemicals can get into your food and into your health.  Producers of organic food products use natural techniques like green manure in fertilizing lands.  They also do crop rotation to control pests and it works absolutely well in producing healthier food products.  

2.  Antioxidant Content

A number of studies proved the many positive effects of antioxidants on health especially the ones derived from foods.  Organic food products are free from chemicals that usually react with vitamins and minerals causing the antioxidants in food to lower its positive impacts.  Antioxidants in an organic diet can help in preventing cancer, heart disease, cognitive malfunction, vision problems, and premature aging. 

3.  Antibiotic Resistance

Another great benefit of choosing an organic diet over a non-organic diet is the resistance to antibiotics.  Non-organic food sources use antibiotics to treat animals as well as growth hormones.  These are all included in the food they eat.  When we consume these non-organic products, we also consume these antibiotics, growth hormones, and vaccines that were injected into them.  This then alters our immune system making us unable to defend ourselves against diseases.  

4. Better Taste

As compared to the non-organic counterpart, the organic diet is noticeably better tasting.  This is because crops are given ample time to mature and develop naturally.  Organic food products utilize the use of environmental-friendly and natural techniques for production.  This is the main reason why organic food products have a better taste as compared to its counterpart.  The taste of organic products is known to be of higher quality than those conventionally grown.

5.  No Pesticides

We are all aware of the harmful effect of pesticides on humans.  It is actually linked to various diseases and disorders in humans such as cancer, ADHD, digestive dysfunction, weakened immune system, headache, birth defect, and even premature death.  The good thing about organic diets is that they are made from organic foods that are free from pesticides.  While pesticides have the power to keep pests away from crops, they also have the power to affect the health of human consumers negatively.  

6.  Poison-Free

Because an organic diet comes from organic food crops that don’t use any harmful chemicals, we can be sure that we are eating foods that are poison-free.   Because all the practices from planting the crops to harvesting are all-natural, we are assured that we will not be harmed by any form of chemicals.

7.  Promotes Stronger Immune System

Traditional farming aimed to enhance production by all means that they deem necessary.  For example, some use growth hormones in order to produce bigger fruits.  The traditional system thought such hormones, as well as genetic modifications, will solve food insecurity concerns.  Though the effects may not be visible instantly, the long-term result may range from sensitivity to allergens to a weakened immune system.  Thankfully, with organic food products, we don’t need to work with growth hormones and the like so we can keep our immune system in its best condition. 

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