Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For One’s Body

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For One’s Body

Many have been asking, is extra virgin olive oil good for you? This is a sort of oil, if you take it, does it mean that it can clog the arteries? Are there benefits could you get if you take extra virgin oil every day? Keep on reading and find out the answers to many questions that have been revolving around the internet over the years. 

Is Drinking Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For You?

From chefs to nutritionists, experts could only agree that taking extra virgin olive oil gives benefits to one’s health. Though many believed that extra virgin olive oil clogs the body of the one who takes it, a myth. The fact is it contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) that are known to help lower down the bad cholesterol level (LDL). When the LDL cholesterol level reduces, the arteries in the body will be less clogged. Less clogged arteries can keep our hearts safe from heart disease and stroke. 

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For One’s Body
Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For One’s Body

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits

If one benefit is not yet enough for you to decide whether you will add olive oil to your diet or not, read on and find out its other four health benefits.

  1. Researched studies from the University of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, higher consumption of extra virgin olive oil is good for mental illness. Because extra virgin olive oil contains polyunsaturated fats, it helps reduce the risk of mental illness.  
  2. Extra virgin olive oil contains powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that help protect the body cells from the free radicals that cause diseases like cancer. It also plays a good role in heart disease and other diseases.  
  3. Extra virgin olive oil also helps reduce the markers of inflammation. With its inflammation-fighting properties, the extra virgin olive oil can lessen the risk at markers of inflammation such as the C reactive protein (CRP), ferritin, fibrinogen, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, plasma viscosity, and other acute-phase proteins.  
  4. Scientists believe that Alzheimer’s disease is the effect of the combined factors that affect the brain. These factors are lifestyle, genetic, and environment. By taking in the extra virgin olive oil, your brain can be protected from the said disease. That is because people who have Alzheimer’s disease build-up proteins like beta amyloids. And the extra virgin olive oil clears out the beta-amyloid proteins. 

Now that you have been given the other four health benefits of the extra virgin olive oil, would you or would you not include it in your diet is up to you. But if you have decided to include it in your diet, it is also important to know how much amount of extra virgin olive oil should you take.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For One’s Body
Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For One’s Body

How much extra virgin olive oil is healthy per day?

By taking extra virgin olive oil, it improves the cardiovascular system of an individual. It helps prevent the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases and also peripheral arterial diseases. But how much is the ideal amount that we should take in a day to ensure meeting the needed amount to be free from such diseases? 

Researchers have revealed their studies to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health Scientific SessionsTrusted Source in Phoenix that eating more than ½ tablespoon of olive daily helps reduce cardiovascular disease by up to 15%. They also found out that olive oil can lower the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 21%. 

Aside from taking ½ tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, you can also add it to your dishes. That way, your family and loved ones can advantage of its benefits, too. 


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