Healing Magic: easy ways to boost your immunity over winter


Garlic is one of the best ways to boost your immune system and improve your health. Garlic helps improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Used in most cultures across the world to treat sickness, garlic is often considered the original superfood. Garlic is also good for the libido as it contains manganese and the high amounts of vitamin-C and potassium ensure that your immune system can function to the best of its ability and decreases your risk of dehydration and night-time cramps.



Ginseng is commonly used in Asian cultures and is renowned for its ability to improve brain functions such as memory, behaviour and mood impulses and controls. Often found in teas, ginseng can also be used in sweet dishes and many people take ginseng as a supplement in a powdered form. Red ginseng that has been fermented can also help with increasing insulin production. Do not use ginseng as a replacement for required medication. Instead use ginseng alongside medications given to you for best results.



Turmeric has been taking the world by storm recently and this spice is well-known across the world for its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also stimulates antioxidant enzymes which helps keep your cells healthy and protects the body from excess stress. Turmeric is also great for the brain and consuming it on a regular basis can help brain functions. Scientists and doctors are currently running studies to examine the effects of turmeric consumption and its potential ability to lower the risk of brain diseases, depression and other mood and memory related ailments.



Elderberry cordial and tea are popular drink choices in the cold winters, and it is easy to see why! This berry is a fantastic supplement to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms and thanks to its great taste it is far easier to convince the children to try than the traditional cod-liver oil. Elderberries are also an amazing source of vitamin-c and antioxidants. This berry can also help with improving bone health and heart health. There are many ways you can consume elderberries including but not limited to;

* In a drink,

* Dried berries,

* In powdered form,

* In a capsule,

* As a part of a greater supplement i.e., a supplement mix.

Just remember not to eat them raw. Elderberries must be cooked in some way before they are consumed.



Cinnamon is perhaps the most famous item on this list. A popular additive to porridge, baking, stews and drinks, this item is easy to find and cheap to purchase. Native to South-Central Asia, this spice is instantly recognisable by taste and smell. Cinnamon is great for those looking to heal after a wound or surgery as it helps the body repair damaged tissue which improves your chances of fighting off an infection. Cinnamon is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal making it a true immunity booster. It is also great for gut health which may explain why it is generally consumed daily in countries which often lack clean drinking water or face crop devastation on a regular basis. 


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